IVES Eulenspiegel

Né le 13.09.1973, ADRK  48232
 HD +/-, SchH 3, Eza,  
Widerristhöhe:68cm, Körperlänge:78cm, Brusttiefe:33cm, Brustumfang 92cm

IVES Eulenspiegel / www.rottweiler-france.com IVES Eulenspiegel / www.rottweiler-france.com
Large muscular. Still needs to fill out. Strong bone. Good head with dark eyes. Front angulation limited by not yet developed shoulder. Sufficient rear angulation. Good powerful back. Movement free. Confidence, alertness, courage, drive and courage pronounced. Sharpness sufficient. Gun steady. Allowed to breed for life.


Parents Grand-parents Great-grand-parents


ADRK 46239, HD-, SchH 3, Gekört Eza

Critique: A large, alert, self sure, strong boned, solid male. Paws should be more close. Head form good, strong. Dark eyes. Heavy set ears, well carried. Elbows should be tighter. Rear angulation good. Coat colour good. Back slightly soft. Movement in the rear should be more free and reaching. Strong nerves, confident, hard, solid under the stick. Protection and fighting drive pronounced. Allowed to breed for life. 


DHSB 15415/68, PH, AK
Danish Working Ch 

Lyngsjöns GAY
211948 PH

Amikos DINA
295130 PH, AK, Ch.

DOLLI v. d. Meierei

ADRK 44535, SchH 1

ALEX von Disibodenberg
ADRK 40961 SchH 2

BÄRBEL v. Grevingsberg
ADRK 42342 SchH 1. 


ADRK 44235, SchH2

Critique:Large, nice typical dry bitch. Dark eye. The right ear is somewhat tipped. Full muzzle. Sufficient chest. Shoulder and back in order. Nice tight paws. Correct angulation. Floating trotter. Markings should be more distinct. Scissors bite. Excellent temperament. Alert. When taking the body measurements, the bitch became ticklisch. Protection and fighting drive sufficient.Slightly gun shy. Allowed to breed.  

BLITZ v. Schloss Westerwinkel

ADRK 37642,SchH 3, Gekört Eza
AXEL v.d. Kappenbergerheide
ADRK 34433 SchH 2, Gekört Eza

ASTA vom Afira-Haus
ADRK 35544

BELLA v. d. Paradiesstrasse

ADRK 40169, SchH 1

WOTAN vom Filstalstrand
ADRK 37422 SchH 1, Gekört Eza

GUNDA v. Schwabenbräu
ADRK 37714 SchH 2 

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