KING vom Duracher Tobel 

BH, SchH3, AD, IPO3, ZTP, HD & ED-frei, V-1

KING vom Duracher Tobel /

SchH3 Score:

Tracking 99; Ob 90; Protection 96 "Pronounced"=285
This was for 1 of his 3x SchIII from March 25/26, 2000.

Latest Show Result: 

Date : June 3, 2001

5 yr old male, medium size male, very good built, for his size good bone structure, typey male head, well set and carried medium size ears dark eyes, very good mouth pigment, strong neck, shows some loose skin, straight strong longer back, the front feet sometimes turn out, very good chest proportions, the markings are correct size, should be more defined on the chest, scissors bite, full dentition, shows lots of drive in the ring, good control from the handler, higher in the rear in movement. V-1

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