ORLANDO vom  Hause  Neubrand

ADRK 103449, WT:22.02.00, HD -, ED -
BH, ZTP, VPG3, IPO3, Multi V1, DT-VDH Champion.

ORLANDO vom Hause Neubrand / www.rottweiler-france.com


HD ED Head Cheek bones Bones
94 83 121 124 115


Level: A: Tracking B: Obedience C: Protection Total Score: Judge:
BH - - - passed W. Gaa
VPG 1 91 80 97 a 268 G A. Spindler
VPG 2 94 78 87 a 259 G G. Schermayer
VPG 3 96 83 90 a 269 G E. Klock
IPO 3 90 86 86 a 262 G Ute Ruis


Body Measurements:

Height at withers: 66cm Body Length: 74cm Weight: 48kg
Chest Depth: 30cm Chest Circum: 90cm Eye-colour: 1b
Muzzle: 8,5cm Skull: 15cm


Right size, very good build with strong (heavy) bone. Typefull male head, ears are medium sized and correct carried. Dark brown eyes, The pigmentation of the flews (inner mouth lining) and the gums ar predominate dark. Strong short neck,  straight front, right set and angulated. Strong closed foot, straight back. Strong rear, very good muscled, right set and angulated. Very good coat, correct markings. Free reaching movement. Scissors bite.

Head: strong/typefull (4)
Bone strength: strong (4)
Cheek bones: distinct (4)
Character: self sufficiency, good natured, attentive (4)

Drive and Action:

Readiness for use/endurance: high
Relief: high
Manageablity: middle
Ability to take: high
Grip-behave: full, calm, hard


Parents Grand-parents Great-grand-parents



ADRK 094747, HD frei, ED frei, BH, AD, ZTP, SchH 3, IPO 3, Gekört

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HD-,AD, Gekort

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ADRK 84080, HD & ED frei, BH, AD
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WJS 94, BS 97, BJS 94, FCI-ES 97

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AD, ZTP, SchH 1

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HD -, BH, ZTP, SchH 2

Frère de portée d'OXANA vom Hause Neubrand,
d'OLYMPIA vom Hause Neubrand,
de ODIN vom Hause Neubrand.

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