Quinto vom Schwaiger Wappen


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HD ED Undershot Head Cheek bones Bones
96 82 98 106 108 104


2 and a half year old male with complete scissor bite and correct testicles, friendly, attentive, good in size, very good bone strength, broad forehead, small ears, good set, correctly carried, middle stop, brown eyes, could have more fill under eyes, good cheeks, short muzzle, could be a little broader, straight lips of very good colour, very good colour of the gums also, strong neck, dry very good muscled, very strong in back, level backline with correct croup, good forechest, depth of chest is also very good, straight front feet, paws slightly turned out and a little soft, correct front and rear angulation, very nice shiny healthy coat, markings could be a little better defined on chest, good colour.Front legs slightly turn out when moving, good reach and drive front and rear, good in movement. V2Intermediate class. Judge: Bianka Micksic-Kasun (Croatia)

Medium sized, well built dog with good bone and lots of substance. Good self confidence, clam friendly dog. Beutiful pronounced masculine head. Small high set well carried ears. Good stop. Medium brown eyes. Very good short full muzzle. Sufficient mouth pigment. Striaght front. The feet should be tighter. Very good depth and width of chest. Good front and rear angulation. Strong muscles. Very good neck, throat, top and bottom line with a short croup. Very good coat. Markings overall are very good, could be a little richer on the chest. Good fluid movement, could have a little more reach and drive. Scissor bite. Rating V Open class. Judge: Joe Hedl (USA)

2 and a half years, small to medium, well built, good head and good stop, roman nose, complete scissor bite, good mouth and lip pigmentation, full muzzle, still correct carried ears, medium brown eyes, well set and well formed, strong short neck, very good top and bottom line, excellent chest proportions, correct angulated. Closed elbows, paws are well knuckled, closed, black nails, very good coat, markings are right colour. Attentive, friendly, very good far reaching gait. SG5,Intermediate class. Judge: Erich Konigsberger (Austria)


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HD-, sch H3,BS 96, FH1, AD, BH, Gekört

PASCHA vom Hegestrauch

schH3, FH, AD, BH, IPO111, Gekört

ARRI v Hertener Wappen
SchH3, FH, AD, Gekört

GAMBA vom Geisenend

CONNY von der Berbhalbinsel

SchH1, BH

NOBBI vom Hegenbacher Landl
SchH3,IPO111, BH, AD, HD-

DINA v Haus Stark 
SchH1, AD


HD-, ED-, SchH1

GREIF vom Oberhauser Norden

SchH3, AD, BH, Gekört

KEN v Sternbogen
SchH3, IPO3, FH, AD

XENIA v Schwaiger Wappen

BESSI vom Talblick

SchH3 FH, AD, BH, IPO3
BENNO v d Schwarzen Heide
SchH3, IPO 111, FH, AD

HOLLI v Amselhof
SchH1, AD

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